The Murder Hornet’s Defeat

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Maybe you’ve heard of the murder hornet.  It’s two inches long and attacks the honeybee hives.  The powerful mandibles of the murder hornet kill the honeybees.


The Japanese honeybee is different from the European honeybees you are familiar with.


You see, normally Giant Murder hornet comes to a European honeybee nest and starts decapitating honeybees and prepares to leave pheromone scents for the other murder hornets to find and destroy the nest.


The murder hornets decapitate the defenceless honeybees with their powerful mandibles and destroy the colony.


The Japanese honeybees are different.


When they notice the advance guard murder hornets intruder, the let it get inside the nest.


They begin shaking their abdomens to signal to each other what they are all about to do.


Then as if with one mind, they all together they swarm the murder hornet.


It’s engulfed by dozens and then hundreds of honey bees.  But They don’t sting that trespassing murder hornet.


With a thermal camera, you can see that they raise their collective temperature to 117 degrees F by moving their wings and vibrating.


Japanese honey bees can tolerate 118 F.


But the murder hornet can only withstand 115 F.


The murder hornet is slowly roasted alive from the unity and heat of the honeybees.


When the enemy comes in, it’s time to raise the temperature together.


Instead of nit picking each other, It’s time to pray together.



Instead of warring with each other, It’s time to worship together.


Instead of gossiping, it’s time to grow together.


You are not match for the enemy alone.  We need to work together in unity and power and turn up the heat.


The enemy wants us looking at each other with distrust and hatred, the enemy defeats us.  When we bind together in prayer we turn up the heat and hr enemy can’t kill us.


“Blessed are they which do not sit in the seat of the scornful.”


You can be right, but scornful.  It’s time to trade your scorn for unity.


Yes people have made mistakes and did not do things right.  But there’s a bigger issue.  The enemy wants to use that bitterness of the soul to destroy us all.


It’s time to have each other’s back in prayer and unite against the enemy.  When we commit together  against the enemy we will prevail.  We will win together.


The Japanese Honeybee does not defeat the murder hornet alone.  They do it together.


We need one another.  Alone we are open prey to the enemy.  But together we can defeat power the enemy.


Ecclesiastes 4:11-12
Again, if two lie together, then they have heat: but how can one be warm alone?
And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.